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Hey guys

Did a quick search and didn't come up with anything.

I also tried that link at the top of the forum for the service manual - no luck? And my manual is lost somewhere in a box since I just moved, so all excuses aside...

(5.4L, automatic, 4WD)

So, I'm at 100,000 K now, and while I'm hoping my spark plugs come out no problem, I want to change my diff fluid. What should I run? Recommendations for viscosity? Synthetic or mineral?

I've just serviced the transmission and filter too, and I want to drop the coolant out of it as well. Anyone know the amount of fluid the cooling system holds in these things off hand?

Anyone think of some other junk I should get done while I'm at 100,000?

I got a list including:
- Engine Oil / Filter
- Transmission Oil / Filter
- Coolant replacement
- Diff Fluid
- Spark plugs

Thanks in advance, guys.

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You might want to consider :

Fuel filter
O2 sensors should be good for another 60000kms, but if you got the time and $$.
Spark plug wires (COP)

Thats all I can think of right now.

As for the diff. I'd go with Royal Purple, costs more but worth it IMO. not sure the visc. for the newer trucks. 97-03 I think its 75W90???
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