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Hey guys,

Got myself in a bit of a bad spot and hoping there might be some helpful advice from a collective well of knowledge.

Basically, my dipstick tube broke off in a 5.4 3V Triton engine at the bracket, so I've been forced to replace it. I have the brand new part, but for the life of me I cannot get this thing to budge.

I have tried vice-grip (spinning plus hammering upward--no dice), soaked it in penetrating oil (WD40 & PB Blaster) and nothing. Right now I have ran a cable down through the tube and out the drain plug where I put a knot in it and pulled up, but I'm worried to go further.

Is there anything I could get hooked on inside the oil pan by the cable? What about heat is it safe to put a torch on the block where the tube sits?

​​​​​​​Kinda stuck. I figure it's probably a $$$$ job for a shop; not a good time.
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