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2012 Shelby SuperSnake

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At the Alliston Car Cruise tonight. Owner picked it up the day Carrol Shelby died

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Those are such beautiful cars. The 800hp isn't hard to like either.
Beautiful cars
Sean Hyland in Woodstock builds them for the Canadian market for Shelby
Drop off a new gt500 and about 30 grand
Sweet I want one in a blue colour !!
I like mine just the way it is ;):icon_biggrin:

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It's nice, but it's not an extra $35,000 nice. I'm with hogdust on this one.....
I'd spend my $$$ on it before I would a Raptor. Don't get me wrong the Raptors are nice but now they're everywhere including my work where one of the owners just bought a black 6.2L. The Shelby GT500 Super Snakes you don't see everywhere

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The Shelby GT500 Super Snakes you don't see everywhere
I think the $90000 to $100000 price tag by the time you're done with the Supersnake goes a long way towards making sure that's WHY you don't see a lot of them around.

I like my Raptor just fine thanks, don't care how many are around, there's one in my driveway, and that's all that matters to me !!!
All that $$ and no warrenty lol

Sweet ass car.... :icon_cool:

If you have that much money.. you shouldn't be worried about warranty..

Price does not include base vehicle.
Take-off parts returned to customer if requested.
May void power train warranty.
Pricing, options, availability and design subject to change without notice.
SHELBY®, GT-500®, SUPERSNAKE® and SHELBY AMERICAN™ are registered trademarks and/or the tradedress of Carroll Shelby and Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc. (Shelby).
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