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6.4L SD new to site AFE/Edge

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hello: I have a 2008 F350 6.4L. A couple of weeks ago I installed a AFE 2 intake and a Edge Evolution CS.

was this a smart choice?

Because now im getting 2 fault codes P2002 and P1000

I know what they both mean! but will hurt the engine if i just keep clearing tham as they come up ?

And is there a permanent fix ?

Alao my plan is to do cat/dpf delete and I would prefer no more codes so CEL stays off

oh anyone done a Cat/DPF delete ? if so what brand did you use? and is it working well?


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Scrap the Edge.

If it were my truck I'd do the blackmaxx package.

It would be the blackmaxx unit, AFE pro5R intake, FLO-PRO 5" turboback with muffler, FLO-PRO egr delete kit (Dirty diesels design, includes new stainless intake elbow to replace stock unit with egr valve and cooler delete kit), and the the dash mount for the blackmaxx.

Talk to Eric
The AFE intake is the one causing the codes. I had the same system and apparently there are very few out there that do not throw codes. What will happen eventually is your check engine light will come on. If you are using a dry filter on your 6.4 remove it. My 08 Diesel ( I had sold it to a guy from Red Deer) had a dry filter from AFE and destroyed the engine. With only 66,000 k on it. Ford would not honor the warranty and AFE would not help. If you are using an oiled filter then you should be okay. I recently read in an article from either Diesel World or Diesel Power and they had done an intake change. I can't remember which intake they used but they said it was one of the few that didn't throw codes. Possibly S&B.

As far as the Edge is concerned its a good unit. I've had 2 on 2 different 6.0 Diesels with no issues whatsoever. My last being the Edge Attitude CTS. I had that on my 03 Excursion. The new owner loves it. On my 07 I just purchased I just ordered the Edge Insight monitor. I would have got the Evolution CTS but I need something to turn off the CEL. Because I`m doing a EGR delete. The 6.4 is a pretty tough engine. So is the tranny behind it. However if your going to do a DPF Delete then It`s the Max or Sparten. I`m not sure who else can do it. Some of them also shut off the egr as well. You got a good truck, You just got to make sure you got good filtration.
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