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91 Ranger(frankin'ford)

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hey guys this is my old 91' Ford ranger i bought it in 96' with roughly 100,000km. It was a real nice truck 3.0L 3.73 rear end,Automatic,7ft box. I drove it for 9 years or so and well the rust took over more then anything cab supports rotted and well my son took it out for a joy ride and put it in a ditch! This is what it looked like a time of sale

The add was something like this: 91 Ford Ranger : 3.0L (246,000km). Body Rough $200.00.

I think they should of Used this truck for the "built ford tough" slogan!

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For an 91 it looks really good
246000 well done

So where is it now ?
So where is it now ?
was sold to a guy in Down town ottawa for $200.00 the floor consisted of street signs and rivets and the cab was sitting on the frame. it had no mounts left. no idea if its still a truck anymore!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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