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94 Aerostar

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My aerostar's sliding door doesn't want to shut easily. You really have to slam the door to shut it properly. The latch on the rear of the door was broken so I replaced it with a new latch but it still doesn't shut easy. I have a customer that has a 93 Areostar and I tried shutting his sliding door and it took no effort at all. Anyone have a similar problem? I just bought this van a couple of months ago, and I've never owned an aerostar before. Any suggestions? Thanks, George
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I think there is plastic slid if i can remember.

I think my parents had a 90. but this is taking me quite a few years back.

I think the track underneath the door sil would get pretty dirty with crap/dirt/salt.
take a look and see if it is binding. maybe needs some cleaning?
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