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How to is my Q. 97 Ranger I need to replace rear axle seal. Need help. Anybody done this? Thanks in advance.

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here you go

Raise and support vehicle.
Remove rear wheels and brake drums.
Drain rear axle lubricant by removing housing cover.
Remove axle shafts as follows:

Remove pinion shaft lock bolt, place hand behind differential case and push out on pinion shaft until the stop on the shaft contacts the ring gear
Remove U-washers from axle shafts.
Carefully slide shafts out of housing.

Remove seal and bearing using a suitable hook-type puller.
Reverse procedure to install, noting the following:

Apply suitable grease between lips of axle shaft seal.
Install bearing using axle tube bearing replacer tool No. T78P-1225-A, and install seal and using axle tube seal replacer tool No. T78P-1177-A or equivalents.
Tighten differential pinion shaft lock bolt to 15-30 foot pounds. Housing cover bolts to 25-35 foot pounds. Housing cover ratio tag bolt to 15-24 foot pounds.
Add rear axle lubricant EOAZ-19580-AA or equivalent until it is 6-14 mm (1/4 - 9/16 inch) below the fill hole. Add 4oz. of friction modifier C8AZ-19B546-A or equivalent for Traction-Lock(r) rear axle assemblies.

NOTE: Whenever a plastic axle housing cover is removed, it must be replaced with a new cover and bolts. On plastic axle housing covers torque bolts to 15-20 foot pounds.

Do not turn the pinion When the axle shafts are out since the pinion gears will fall out.

you shouldn't have to remove the bearing if just doing a seal replacement.
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