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another new member form BC with picture!

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Hi I am Buzzy I have a bunch of fast cars and a couple trucks.
My 67 pro street is what most people like the best. It has a 428cjj allow edelbrock heads, Scatt rolling assembly, Trw 11.5:1 Pistons Eagle rods,
huge lump cam Edelbrock rpm intake, carb and Nitrous system with a 300 shot hooked to a reworked C6 and ending in a 9inch with 488 gears. The wheels are weld prostars they are 24.5 wide with 33 inch Mickey Thompson sportsman. So many mods that I cant remember them all.

Then the other truck is a 1995 F150 it is dead stock just a great clean truck

then you have the race car a 9 second Mazda rx7

then there is my summer car a rx7 convertible with 500 wheel hp I am all about raw power

the work car daily driver is a Mercedes kompressor

The odd one in my collection is this 1978 Lincoln Mark 5 with 76000km 4 wheel disks and a 460 a great cruiser I put about 3000km a yr on it and the 22' are coming in spring
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Welcome to Ford
Very nice collection of vehicles
You have to send some pics to
Ride of the Month contest

nice collection....I'm kinda confused by the mazda..but nice trucks!
9 second ride and ford owns Mazda and the rear diff is a ford 8.8 with 456 gears so it is ok

And I am a big guy in a little car with a full cage, Fast = :icon_smile:

Buzzys 13bt FB running a 11.4 this is an old video 11.4 rn with huge shifting issues back then. now the motor andd trans are solid mounted.
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HI and :welcome: to

You got some great looking rides and think your 67 truck is AWESOME :happy-smiley-541:
yo.. welcome bud...
Welcome to!
Yeah... Your '67 looks amazing!!!!! Welcome to the site!
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