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anyone lookin for a 150

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found this truck for 9k i really like the color scheme

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saw it in the AutoTrader. cool looking color scheme. I can't remember the specs on the truck itself.
i think its fugly...
i think its fugly...

hahaha it came from BC you no its in Alberta now it needs rims for sure and some dressing up but bet it could win some trophys with some TLC:icon_wink:
i think its fugly...
+1 :lol-0017:
Just my $0.02 - "no sir, I didn't like it".... R&S fans might get that one.
not a big fan of the paint on it but hope the owner has good luck selling it
wow thats ugly:icon_eek:
Got to be lower mainland ride. Anywhere else out west lowriders just don't work, it's for city boys only. and yeah good luck turning it over for a profit.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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