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B.C. newb

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Hey Peeps just sayin Hello new to the site im the proud owner of a 1999 f150 xlt 4x4 hopefully ill be able to learn from u guys and hopefully ill be able to give back any ways thnxs in advance and look forward to exchanging plans for truck dominace with u guys lol laters:icon_cool:
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Welcome, fella, where in BC are ya?
B.C. northern capital beutiful sunny Prince george:icon_lol:
Welcome RendRick to

I'm glad to see that our western community is growing
One day I will be in BC and we can go do some rock climbing
You guys have the best trails for an off road vehicle

yo... good too have another left coaster...
HI and :welcome: to and its great to see another member from out west join!!!
Welcome to!
Welcome, you'll love it here....wait wasn't that a catchphrase in those Visit Ontario I'll prolly get sued :icon_lol:
Welcome from Mission BC...Merry Christmas
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Welcome to
Sweet another Westerner.......We need more Westerners.
:welcome: to!!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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