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Brake Fluid Change

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Good morning everybody.
The truck I bought has low km's, but the brake fluid is the
darkest I have ever seen.
Do you have any recommendations for a good brake bleed kit. ?
I do have an air compressor in the garage.

thanks, JTS
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i am in the process of doing the same, I am juts goig to have the shop do the brake fluid replacement, cost is only 95$ and it saves me the mess and hastle.
well u don't need a kit..
Just filling the reservoir up with new stuff..

opening the bleeder and pressing the brake pedal.. then closing the bleeder and releasing the pedal is the process I would follow if I were to replace the fluid in my lines..
do that till the fluid is nice and clean again.. and make sure no bubbles..

Also continue to top up the reservoir aswell..
I would definatly recommend you take it to a shop that has the proper equipment such as a vacula brake fluid exchange system, make sure you ask the shop how they perform the brake flush cause some shops will just do the above mentioned and it will not get all of the fluid out of the master cyl ports and abs valves!!
Thanks for the replies,everyone .
I came to my senses and took it Northway Ford
in Brantford,very friendly service dept.

Engine oil & filter,brake system flush and refill....$127.oo
I thought that was a fair price.

btw......MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone !!

Hi everyone ,just something I learned the hard way bleeding lines ,stick a 3/32 drill ,shaft first into the hole of your bleeder screw when you loosen it .Saves it from collapsing and breaking off...Ogre
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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