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Yes it should be 8.8
28 Spline in Mustangs and Rangers, 31 Spline in F150s
Hope this helps

Look at the rear axle tag. example. 2SL73A888D19

that would be a 2.73 gear ratio 8.8 inch rear limited slip.

Check with your dealer for exact much
Vin Number will tell them exactly what it was, or what it should be there



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All Rangers are 28 spline except for the FX level II. It has a Torsen differential with preload and 31 spline axles. The Explorers have 31 spline rear axle as well. I run a Truetrac in my Ranger/06/4x4/sport and I do 2/3 of my driving on primary and secondary logging roads, North West coast of Vancouver Island. Performs flawlessly on extreme grades, swichbacks and incredible build ups of snow and still has highway manners. Will make your previous clutch pack Trac Loc look like an open diff.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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