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Hi everyone... I'm new here and have my first question... re: my 1999 F250 superduty... I just replaced that pesky sensor that would kill my engine without warning... fun stuff!
Anyway, somewhere along the line I've heard that there exists a new version of this sensor that is far superior than the old ones. Where would I find such a thing, and what brand would it be? the one I just installed was an International part.

thanks in advance,

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Hope this helps, thanks to Eric for the research...

Copyright 2007 Ford Motor Company
Michael A. Berardi Ford Motor Company
Director P. O. Box 1904
Service Engineering Operations Dearborn, Michigan 48121
Ford Customer Service Division
December 04, 2007
TO: All U.S. Ford and Lincoln Mercury Dealers
SUBJECT: Safety Recall 07S57:
Certain 1997 - 2003 F-Super Duty, Excursion, and E-Series Vehicles
Equipped with 7.3L Diesel Engines
Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor Inspection / Replacement
Vehicle Line Model Years Assembly Plant Production Dates
Econoline 1997-2003 Lorain Assembly Plant 4/3/1996 - 9/16/2003
Excursion 2000-2003 Kentucky Truck Plant 3/25/1999 - 11/1/2002
F650/750 Series 2000-2003 Cuautitlan Assembly Plant 1/20/1999 - 10/31/2002
F-Series 1997 Kentucky Truck Plant 6/18/1996 - 12/17/1997
F-Series 1997 Cuautitlan Assembly Plant 6/11/1996 - 12/10/1997
F-Series 1999-2003 Kentucky Truck Plant 9/3/1997 - 11/4/2002
F-Series 1999-2003 Cuautitlan Assembly Plant 10/2/1998 - 7/21/2003
Affected vehicles are identified in OASIS. In addition, for a list of vehicles assigned to your dealership,
visit This information will be available on December 04,
In some of the affected vehicles, the Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor may fail due to circuit
degradation. If the CMP Sensor should fail, the engine may stall. In the event of an engine stall, a
crash could result without warning. A new CMP Sensor with improved reliability is now available.
Dealers are to inspect the CMP Sensor to verify which design level sensor is installed in the affected
vehicles, and replace all prior level sensors. This service must be performed on affected vehicles at no
charge to the vehicle owner.
Parts to repair this condition are currently not available in sufficient quantities to service all of the
affected vehicles. Therefore, to ensure that an ample supply of parts is available, owners of affected
vehicles will be notified in separate phase mailings over several months. Phase mailing will begin the
week of December 17, 2007; prioritized by age of vehicle. Dealers should repair any affected vehicles
that arrive at their dealerships, whether or not the customer has received a letter.
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