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Canada'a Worst Driver

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I was watching CWD 3 on the weekend. I wonder how any of those people could get a licence to drive. When I was driving to a job site in Nisku this morning, it was a little slippery. Lots of cars in the ditch. Maybe they look around Edmonton for the next show. What a gong show....:icon_confused:
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That is something
I think Toronto may be the worst for that, I don't know how some people get DL up here. Specially after a small dusting of snow.

Ontario is the worst, heck you can practically buy your license.
...and one other thing... why is it that slow drivers suddenly find the gas pedal when they come to a passing!
have you guys ever drove in Michigan? And you guys think Canadians are bad...haha. Living so close to the US border, we get all the US tv channels. Some of the stunts people pull in the US is unbelievable.
Michigan drivers ain't nearly as bad as GTA drivers, you want to see stupidity try Illinois drivers.
I haven't driven in illinois...I'll take your word for it...
It's like GTA drivers but with Michigan maintained cars....
On a side note.........GO SHELBY FOR CWD3!
It's like GTA drivers but with Michigan maintained cars....
I have to agree with Smoke on those guys are terrible
But I still would put GTA up front
Sorry forgot New York taxi drivers are the worst

^^^Go drive thru Chicago than tell me how bad GTA is
^^^Go drive thru Chicago than tell me how bad GTA is
I did
I have been in Chicago 6 times and yes got a ticket there (more Than one)
One for driving on double painted lane, one for turning left on yellow light
and 2 for speeding going 50 in a 35 zone
and almost went into jail for not stopping when the cup pull me over (I took me awhile to explain to him that this was the first time I saw a cup in cube van with the blue lights on, I thought it was a snow truck (that was on my first trip to Chicago))
BTW it took me 6 hrs to drive to Chicago Excluding border crossing

BTW it took me 6 hrs to drive to Chicago Excluding border crossing
You must have stopped for lunch....
Today... a little more snow and about a 50k wind. Hwy 2 between the airport and Edmonton looked like a pinball machine only with cars. Same thing on 214 near the Whitemud. I feel a lot safer in a 4 ton SD, than some these numbtees speeding along in their rice burners. I've been driving for over 30 years and it seems that no one seems to be able to deal with a bit of snow anymore. I know there's more cars on the road now, but don't they teach bad weather driving in driver ed anymore?:wtfsign:
No, they don't.
and thats our problem in Toronto too

toronto ppl cant drive!!! it still makes me mad, and we've had this convo in a past thread. it just gets so much worse in the winter! i cant wait until i dont have to drive through or near toronto anymore!!!
id have to disagree w/ hassie, michigan drivers are a lot better from what i've seen than GTA comparison!
im actually scared to drive as i dont know what these retards are thinking!
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