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Carpet Cleaning.

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What ya all using to clean your trucks carpets? Mine are pretty dirty even though there was floor mats in it. Canadian tire auto carpet cleaner? A house cleaner? With a good scrub brush? I got a shop wet vaccum cleaner.

My other truck does not have carpets so I have never done it before.

Tips...Tricks all appreciated

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Ford has a carpet and upholstery cleaner that works awesome. That's all I have ever used with a good stiff brush.
I haven't done it in a long time but I usually use a household steam cleaner. I'm a clean freak so I vacuum regularly too. I'm actually pretty impressed by the factory FX4 floor mats I use in the winter and how clean they keep the floor.
I have a Little Green Bissel. Bought it when got a dog to clean up "Messes" and works great in the truck too. It comes with Bissell formula for carpet and upholstery that works great.
Thanks for the replys guys.

Found some Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner under the kitchen sink, I got a good scrub brush too, shop vac. Little bit of elbow grease and see what happens.

Can't make it worse. LOL


Elbow grease usually works best.
I pull mine out and pressure wash it. A bit of work pulling the seat but worth it. Best done in the summer on a hot day. Preclean stained areas, hit it with the pressure washer using the soap dispenser and let it dry a few hours.
I owned my own detail business for years. Get some all-purpose cleaner like Mr. Cleaner something dump it into a bucket of hot water with some car soap or dish detergent or whatever you have laying around something that will create suds. Use the wash mit used to wash the outside of your car and soak the carpet and scrub it with a brush and shop vac it out and let it dry. The Suds is the key they hold the dirt and then you shop vac out the dirty suds...
and try to brush in one direction , not round and round like you were cleaning the bottom of the sink
this helps keep the dirt from being worked in deeper
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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