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Here for the new trucks still with warranty

Well still got Factory powertrain warranty So to do this mod you got to keep her looking stock

Tools needed

Tape ( Masking )

Step 1

Take off your Exhaust

Step 2

Tape just inside of the Weld thats the line your going to cut , Cross mark the Cat as to know exactly
which way to line it back up <-------- Important or your hooped

step 3

Get cutting hahahahaha
Once cut take both ends grind and clean up straight

Step 4 start ripping the crap out of the Cat, Once its all out line up your crossmarks, Spot weld it back in place Welder up

Enjoy the F-16 sound if shes a diesel, enjoy the Extra spool up , and Fuel economy and of Course
The 5 to 10 horse power Gain if not more ????

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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