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Custom Bumper Build

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So... I've had a brand new Warn M12000 winch sitting in my basement for over a year now.... And, after a few situations where I was wishing I had my winch mounted, I finally got off my butt and built my bumper!!

Planning stages...

Get to work... Notches for bends.


The ends cut to size with the end plates in position.

Top plate cut.

Top plate welding on.

Checking how it fits!!

Adding an extra crossmember!!! No more bending those front frame rails.

Very thick mounting brackets!!! Took forever to get these right.

YAY!! The bumper can be mounted!!! So far, so good.

Now... How do we mount this thing on here???

With a piece of cardboard!!! Hahaha! Just kidding... That's just a template.

Cutting the front plate.

Welded in place.

End caps done.

D-ring mounts!

Truss under where the winch sits.

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Mounted again.

My puppy checking out the bumper.... She's probably thinking "Serge, what the hell is that thing sticking way out off your truck???" HAHAHA!!! Seriously, it looks funny without a winch on it, especially from the side view.

And now the winch is bolted up and wired in.

What do you guys think??

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Wow! That is some serious front end weight!

Time to do the deer
i think thats a sick truck bud... the bumper looks good too
Serge....that looks great and should be able to help you in the future!!!!!
cool man.. im not a fan of square stuff myself but the workmanship looks great.

i wanna see pics of it in use now...
Holy doodle..

That's some nice work!
I first thought that was solid stock..

Looks great dude!

forgot the license plate bracket..
Thanks guys!!!

I did move the lights... Well, I took them off. I don't think I'm going to use them anywhere else though.

As for the license plate... I haven't decided about that one yet. I've been driving around all summer without a front license plate, so I'm not too worried about it yet. Hahaha!
Wow that looks amazing
well done.
I don't think they would bug you (about your plate) up there if you have it on the dash, or would they

Yeah... It's in the dash right now. Which, is almost impossible to see the way it sits and how high it is.... HAHA! But, nobody has bugged me. I'm not going to mount the plate until they do.
Agree, I would do the same
just make sure you drill some holes for it just in case

You know what would finish that thing off is if you got it sprayed with Line x
Yeah... Right now, it's just got one coat of chassis saver. And, on the inside of the bumper, it's not even coated yet. When I repaint the truck in the springtime, I'll be spraying the bumper with some sort of bedliner most likely.
So how is the finish product, and have you tested the winch yet?

man that looks ****ing amazing.. wanna build be one :p lol j.k i need a small one for my 8000 lbs wentch
man that looks ****ing amazing.. wanna build be one :p lol j.k i need a small one for my 8000 lbs wentch
She must be a heffer
Thats among the most amazing mod jobs Ive ever seen... Great job!!!! I wanna see the pics of its trial run....
I like it. You put some serious man hours in, you should enter the next MOTM?
Yep your right, we are answering a really old thread.... LOL
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