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Darlington Talk

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Yet another saturday night race..................raining.:sad:
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I know
Do you know how long is the race delay for?

No, looked like still raining about 10 minutes ago. At least 1 hour for sure.

FYI, if Blaney finishes 81 points ahead of Rudd or Menard finishes 100 points ahead of Rudd. The Rooster will be knocked out of top 35 in owner points!
I like Riggs, he can make it up when he does race. Don't forget Charlotte is coming, Riggs runs good there!
with a good finish this week marlin can move up quite a few places as well.


Sucks, I got go to a hockey game tomorrow.
means I get to watch the hockey game tonight. rather be watching Nascar though


and THEY WIN!!!:))


I guess I am the only that was happy that Darlington got rained out last night and they are racing today, because we were racing last night!!!!

I can watch the first half, but will have to catch the rest on Sirius on my way down to Detroit for the game today.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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