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Will Mikey make it in?

Who will win?

Who will crash?

Who will cry?
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#43 will win

Mikey will be there

20 will be taken out by 24 which will cause the big one

24 will cry

I don't know, the 20 has been pretty good at whining lately. I think he is looking for a job at Hendrick!
Ya, about $10000 calmer.
Mikey won't make it! He's on a roll and doesn't want to screw it up now! He's actually got a perfect record! Who else in nascar can say that!:lgh2:


Na, he made one race remember way back in February.
forgot about that one! What # is he again?:lgh2:


-27, oh wait that's his points in the standings
it's a great golfing score though!


He has the time to improve his game!
Mikey's out!!!:lgh2:


Marlin had a good qualifying run today. he usually shows pretty well at Talledega. he's had the pole there 3 times!:t-up:


Can jeffy surpass big E at Dega, and you thought the beer cans were flying last week
What you will see is Jeff will push DEJr for his first win

Nice to see marlin leading and then keep on fighting to get the lead back after the first round of pit stops!!:t-up:


Nice to see Jeff remark about the idiots throwing beer cans!
I turned it off. Can't stand to watch that whiner race or speak!


1 - 20 of 45 Posts
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