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so i got a good question thats probably been asked already but here it goes. ok so i bought a 1998 f-150 , 6" fabtech lift kit , 3" body lift , it already had the 37 x12.50 x 17 tires and eagle alloy rims. my question is this , me and my buddys were jus bs'n at the house yesterday and we got to talkin trucks , my buddy says shit , i think you need to get a new diff ,because your truck will end up blowin that stock diff to smithereens. i looked at him then looked at the back of the truck. the diff in my truck has a huge pumkin on it and looks nothing like the wifes diff in her truck. ive been doin alot of research on this and all i can find is that in 97-99 the f-150s came out with the 5.4 and a heavy duty diff ? anybody know where i might beable to find out more on my rig?
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If you have the 5.4 you should have a 9.75 rear end if you have a 4.2 or a 4.6 you will have a 8.8 rear end as for the front Diff's thier all 8.8
Your VIN number should have the axle codes and they should tell you what you have, providing of course that the previous owner didn't change the stock ones before you bought it.

You can try these links:
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