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I would not recommend spray painting in a small room:icon_rolleyes: I would also make sure to not do this while your wife is home:icon_wink: Buying a used set of headlights is always a good idea too; so if you screw up you have a spare set.

Tools needed:
- Large flat head screwdriver
- Pick or something with a point
- Needle nose pliers
- T-15 & T-10 torx bits
- Phillips head bit/screwdriver
- Hand driver or ratchet
- 10mm socket

Supplies needed:
- Oven
- Gloves
- 1 can Krylon Fusion Gloss Black paint
- 2 tubes 80ml RTV sealant (black)
- Masking tape
- 4 or more cargo straps
- Lots of rags/papertowel
- Windex

Set the oven to 250 F and remove middle tray and remove the bulbs from the light being carefull not the touch the Halogen bulb with your fingers.

Do not put the headlights in the oven for more than 10 min. at a time. Also the cookie sheet is not necessary and actually slows the warming process. Use gloves to remove from oven!

To separate the housing; start with a corner using the large flathead screwdriver. Put the blade inbetween the housing and the lens and use a twisting motion to break the seal of the old sealant. Place the light back in the oven if needed to soften the sealant again for about 4 min at a time. Once the seal is broken use your hands to pull the lens apart, again heating as necessary.

It is a good idea to remove the old sealant from the crevices int the housing. Use the pick to poke underneath the sealant untill you can grab a piece with the pliers. Pull with the pliers while using the pick to pry under the sealant (kind of like using a crowbar) If the the sealant starts getting hard toss it back in the oven for a couple of minutes. Repeat as necessary.

* On the orange reflector side of the light (opposite side of picture) there is a clip be VERY carfull not to break it, so be gentle when separating ths part *

Once the lights are separated, use the T-10 torx bit to remove two small screws that hold the liner to the lens. Then use the T-15 to remove the bulb caps if you chose to paint them. Remove the Orange side refletor by using your figer to push, it should just pop off as it is held in with clips.

Tape the inside of the small reflective lens for the turn signal and the inside of the bulb caps as well as thier mounting surfaces. I did not sand the liner because it was not necessary, I only wiped it down with a paint thinner.

Put them on some cardboard if you do it in your house (lol) or just use a sheet of plywood or paper. Stand the liners up and place the bulb caps somewhere so they will stand aswell (I used a old shoe box)

Give them a light dusting of paint and wait about 10 min. This give the main coat a better surface to stick to.

Spray the bulb covers

Spray the liner.

After giving the paint 24 hours to dry, re-install all the peices of the light.

Bulb covers onto housing

Liner onto the lens.
After everything is assembled clean off any fingerprints you may have left with a microfiber cloth and some Windex

Once the headlights are ready to be sealed, get your straps and towels ready. You will will use about a tube and a half of the RTV for both lights leaving some to seal the outside edge if you do not think it sealed properly.

* The RTV gets EVERYWHERE if your not carfull about where your grabbing. If the straps smear some RTV on the lens or anywhere else, don't worry because the bigger the chunk the easier it is to remove. Or you can just rub very hard. *

Strap the lights the way you feel is best. Allow the RTV 24 hours to cure.

Clean after straps have been removed.




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Very nice!!:happy096:

Mods this should be made into a sticky!!
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