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Does anyone plow snow with their F150?

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I have been running my F150 7700 for two years and it has been great. It also pulls my landscape trailer during the summer months.

At 4,150 lbs, The 7700 boasts a more heavy-duty front end than many of the F250 and GM 2500s that I looked at. Good for supporting my 650 lb Western Pro Plow.

Only problem is the trucks's crazy seven-lug rims.

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I know my buddy will be adding a plow to his F250 SD I know its not an F150, but this is an interesting question

yep but with my front bumper..... gotta stick this thing in the garage and quit driving it.
For this year, we have taken a 2008 F150 HD Payload, Factory Snow Plow package and we added the Daystar Front Leveling Kit. We have a 7' Western Plow on the Front and the truck works great.
i work at a shop where we install and service snowplows, we mostly see 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks, mostly due to weight requirments needed for the salt spreaders, they get pretty heavy when loaded. But we doe see quite a few f150's, we've also done em on rangers, jeeps.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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