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took my dogs and pregnant wife too the lake for a coupel hours yesterday...was a wicked day 30 degrees at the water...

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2 very nice Dogs,
and what a view
What camera do you use, they are nice pics
is this a baby on the way

i use a piece of crap kodak which is about 3 yrs old and beat too crap.. cant believ it actually

that is stave lake...its a man made hydro lake. 15 mins from my house. we spend alot of time there.

yeah we havin a baby new years eve they say....
That's it! I'm moving out west......................
That's it! I'm moving out west......................
Me too

and Heavy Metal Congrats

congrats on the baby ! and yeah im workin out here and man is the scenery nice !
hey thanks guys... layin.. whre ya workin bud?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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