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hello everyone, just woundering if anyone out there can help me out. my 92 f-350 4x4 460ci was running just fine, drove around all day, went to a store, when i came out i started the truck but it wouldnt go forward or rev. 4x4 didnt work, no leaks, no codes, no noise, fluid good, new and full. towed it home fropped the pan, clean, nothing found, preformed a few tests as per 89-93 e4od rebuild manual, ok, shifter seems to move ok. tranny shops in kamloops area want 3000.00 or so for a re build....cant afford this. i have a spare e4od out of a 96 f-250 4x4 460ci will this just bolt in with no problems? or does anyone know what could be the problem with my 92 tranny? please help or give me a suggestion of what to check next.
thanks pete:icon_lol:

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So in a short form
You drove it to the store
Stop the vehicle, started again and no GO
Did you hear any noises coming from Tranny?
If the linkage works I would drop tranny and have a look at converter
when you have it in park can you push forward your truck?
1) Converter can be uncouple from the flywheel
2) main converter connection shaft may be broken between Tranny and converter
3) Your truck has a manual 4x4 did you check the linkage also could be stuck in neutral (only if you can push the truck forward)

Both Trannys should be exactly the same as they are from the same generation trucks, Your converter mounting may be different

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