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Easy Emblem Mod Wicked results

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Have any of you seen this site.They aren't takeing orders until Dec.1st.
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Thats cool.Did you get that done locally?
Where do you get custom emblem like that ?
ohmyhog has the info on where to get them. He has a few different ones.
ohmyhog has the info on where to get them. He has a few different ones.
Can you get whatever you want on them or do you have to pick from what they have to offer?
anything you want.

i copied this from where this person resides. his email is listed below.

"Let us know if you want a variation of any of our products. If you want a different font style, we can do that at no additional cost. Remember that if you can think it, we can make it! So, if you want something custom, that is not shown, hit us up. Custom one-off designs are welcomed, but will incur an additional cost. Keep checking this section for new and updated products as they will be coming. Also don't forget, if you can find an equivelent product at a recognized store for less, not only will we meet the price, WE WILL BEAT IT! We look forward to your business!!!

Shipping Rates

We offer a flat rate shipping and handling charge of:

$2.00 for 1-10 decals
$4.00 for 11-20 decals
20+ decals contact us for shipping quote

All decals are wrapped in tissue paper and shipped in rigid mailers to ensure the decals are not damaged during delivery. We stand behind our Products 100%, if purchases are damaged during shipping, we will ship you out another one at no charge!

Send paypal payments to [email protected]lso when filling out the PayPal transaction in the “Message” section, please ensure that you specify:

* Type of Gel Product
* Color of each
* Quantity of each you wish to purchase
* Also include any pertinent info for custom decals

Gel Dome Porducts listed below are examples. Available colors currently are Red, White, Blue, Black, Dark Blue, Metallic Blue (Sonic Blue), Light Carbon Fiber, Metallic Gray (Close to DSG but darker), Grey, Metallic Silver, Etched Glass, Orange

1 set of (4) Domed Center Caps (can be used on Lumbar Support Knobs as well)

Normal Price: $ 28.00
Member Price: $25.00

99-04 Gen2 FAST Domed Overlays

NOTE: Let us Know what year your truck is and if you have a Factory FORD Dome on your Steering wheel, if you are ordering the Steering Wheel Gel

Full Set (Front,Rear,Steering Wheel) Price: $ 35.00
Front and Rear Set Only Price: $ 30.00

Individual Prices:
Front $18.00
Rear $14.00
S/W $8.00

Gen 1 FAST Domed Overlays

Front,Rear set Price: $ 30.00
Full Set (Front,Rear, SW) Price: $ 32.00

Individual Prices:
Front or Rear $16.00
Steering Wheel $6.00
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Sweet, thanks Blair.. one last thing does he have a website as well?
i have no idea if he has a website. email that address and im sure he can show you pics of what he does. he has many happy customers in the Lightning/Harley Community.
They do great work and are very responsive to new/custom designs.

I've ordered several sets and am very pleased.
just got an email back from stew who does the overlays.

this is what he sent me to show you guys. He said anything can be put on these.

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Paul Post up yours from shows.
Maybe I'm missing something, is it a sticker that goes over the existing emblem or a actual emblem replacement?
There a sticker with a clear type gel coating on them that goes over the factoy FORD emblem
yes gel domed sticker.
i originaly had a decal made at a shop it wasnt right. then i get the gel overlay and it looks stock. but customized.

this is the decal. Looked like crap. just blue over silver. wrong color. wrong font.

these are my gel overlays before install., Rear Front and steering wheel.

steering wheel
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People dont catch the "Fast" at first but when they see it they always like it. When at lights i watch the rearview and people trying to make out my vanity plate and see the fast emblem and point.
hmmm I like the transformers overlay
I'm definitly going to inqur about Tonka Overlays for my orangey yellow truck lol
These are too cool !

Is there any issues with peeling?
i have had mine on for 2 years now winter/summer pressure washer. Still same as day one.
Ohmyhog has different ones for shows and some for everyday that he just heats up and changes them out.
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