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Engine info wanted

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Hi all,

I'm still trying to find out when exactly was my engine built. I called Ford Canada and they have no clue since its too old. All they could tell me was the truck was built June 3, 1997 in Oakville. I know the engine was built in Windsor but the sticker on the valve cover has no date on it. So if anyone knows someone who works at the Windsor Engine plant or who knows how to interpret the engine code on the sticker I'd really appreciate the help.

The code is 7K702-CA.

I'm trying to find out for sure if I need to get the timing cover/lower intake/upper intake gaskets replaced to avoid the hydrolock issue with the 4.2Ls built before Jan. 1, 1998.


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when it goes poof completly do a search to put a 4banger diesel cummins in it.... would be sweet and its been done
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