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It doesn't matter if your truck is a workhorse or a daily commuter seat covers are a good investment. Every day your factory seats take quite a beating. They're built to last on their own, but seat covers take the next step towards protection. Rixxu custom seat covers offer exactly what you need: protection and style all-in-one package.

Made with the highest level of padded protection, the covers will provide you with both superior comfort and peace of mind. Specially designed for your application, the covers can be installed on your seats with no modification required in no time.

Give your interior a quick and stylish makeover with Rixxu Seat Covers! Take your chance and purchase qualifying Rixxu products with up to a 16% discount. Do not hesitate! The offer ends on December 30, 2021. Prices are already reduced.

Rixxu™ - Terra Series Seat Covers

Rixxu™ - Diamond Series Seat Covers

Rixxu™ - Camo Series Seat Covers

Rixxu™ - 1st & 2nd Row Pet Series Black Seat Covers

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