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EX in the Snow..

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My old ranger was horrible in the snow..this new truck levels everything. I can not believe how impressive it is. The 4x4 is incredible, despite what you throw at it- it grabs(and my tires are crap)! I got a chance to thow it into some very deep snow over the weekend- i don't know if i could ever go back to driving a 2wd vehicle or even AWD.

I did a tour "off the beaten path" and its so amazing to engage the 4x4 and feel one wheel slip and then the other grab and just pull the truck forward.

For such a heavy vehicle i wasnt sure how it was going to be, if it would just sink and get stuck, but its absolutely incredible.

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I was driven around in 2WD and didn't really get stuck too much either..
Their was only 3 times I had to stick it in 4x4 and there was aleast 12"s of snow all the time..

Here's a couple pics I took of the rims packed w/ snow! :icon_biggrin:

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Agree 4x4
is the best
My baby is AWD with a 4x4 selection
used it in 4x4 all day on sunday
that was fun
sorry no pics forgot the camera

Yup... Gotta love jumping through snow banks!!!!

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anyone else with snow pics?
Yup... Gotta love jumping through snow banks!!!!

OMG that kicks ass, wish I was there to see that, or had a real truck to do that, lol.
these pics look awsome guess i need to by a 4x4 next
Ok that pict wins my vote for truck of the month
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