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Winter is here and so are the poor visibility conditions, yet with the Platinum Series Headlights, they are no danger for you anymore. Spyder’s fresh Headlights come with the integrated LED low beams and double rows of sharp LED DRL U-Bars to produce a sharp cutoff and deliver excellent light output.

Give your truck a visual upgrade and ensure that you're perfectly seen by oncoming drivers with the newest selection of bright and innovative Platinum Series LED Headlights by Spyder. They will help you to convert halogen low beams to bright LED lights on your 2015-2017 Ford F-150 truck.

Spyder- Platinum Series Black Headlights

Spyder- Platinum Series Chrome Headlights

Fits: Ford F150 2015-2017 Halogen Model Only


Do Not Fit Factory LED Model
This headlight DOES NOT require a CCFL inverter
Adding HID/LED bulbs will void warranty
Plug-and-Play Design

Follow this link to get more details about the latest Spyder Release.

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I prefer halogen headlights. The classic light is a filament of refractory metal that begins to glow when an electric current is applied. This design is as simple as some party lights Best RGB Smart Strip Lights | Smart LED Strip | LED Strip Lights. For the last half-century, halogen bulbs have been used in the headlight optics of cars. Their bulb is filled with an inert gas, which allows you to increase the luminous efficiency of the lamp without reducing the service life. In addition, the halogen gas prevents tungsten particles evaporated from the coil from depositing on the bulb. Consequently, the glass does not lose its transparency, and the lamp retains its initial brightness longer.
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