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Fuel Filters

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change them ! mine were filthy truck seemed to run great before but runs ALOT better now (smother) that they were just changed there expensive as hell but should help save your injectors no issues with install...sort of both were Ford filters but were different ? same size and fit but the one that was in the truck had a shorter neck to the filter and no O ring or even a spot to have an O ring one I put in had an O ring and longer neck

old filter had motorcraft on it but no numbers (besides a bar code) new filter had numbers that matched numbers on inside of cap
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I have been told I should change my fuel filters every third oil change, which I have done since I owned my truck.

IMO, keeping clean oil and fuel running through our expensive injectors is a very, very good idea!

I found that if you loosen the allen head screw on the frame rail filter housing first, the fuel in the lines/filter will drain out of the system. Doing this will prevent spilling a lot of fuel if you remove the filter cap first.

I have been advised by a diesel mechanic friend, to only use Ford or International fuel and oil filters in our trucks, and to avoid cheaper aftermarket filters.
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