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Fuel Mileage

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I was wondering about the fuel genie or the tornado is it worth the money, I haven't found any real info on it.Blocking the air with shinny metal blades seems to restrict the air.
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Just buy a good intake and stay away from that junk.
Just buy a good intake and stay away from that junk.
Agree with Irish FX4 on that
Even a K&N drop in will work much better.

Well the tornado isn't very restrictive @ all..
what it does it causes the air to spin so when the fuel is added to it the fuel is spun into it causing a better more even mixture of air/fuel..
Which will make a more efficient burn make less fuel used for air..

as for the air intake.. What does it do? It give you more power.. What is the source of power? More air/fuel.. What does more air/fuel do to gas mileage? Makes it worse because your getting more power.. I would lighten up on the pedal if you want better fuel mileage.. MAke sure it is up to date with the maintance.. spark plugs/wires/ fuel filter.. good clean air filter.. (maybe a k&n drop in)

Keep the engine running efficient and smooth so it isn't wasting fuel..
less weight also if it isn't needed..
You would have to drive a lot of miles before the saving would out way the cost even with an intake.
I have the KN&N FIPK II and a Tornado..And it does help. Im getting a Throttle body spacer to see if it's going to help me even more.
I got an 06 4L with 4:10 rear FX4 Level 2 and I get 15mpg. So if you get better than that, be happy.
dont waste your money, its a cheap gim
Do the dealers have any problems with new intakes (warranty issues)?
these are proven to decrease fuel economy, the restriction it causes far outweighs the benefits it provides.
Waste of money in my opinion. The factory intake is 'cold' and delivers more than enough air.Best bet is to keep it tuned up and drive like your granny
My fuel mileage is horrible.

Truck has 16k on it. tank = 400 kms if im lucky and I dont hammer down unless im passing on the highway.

Shouldn't need a tuneup yet :icon_eek:
well i currently get 550km to a tank, thats 6k on oil, gotta get it changed, usually i get 600. and Travis is that true about the Intake, i was told i would gain mileage out of it.
i can usually get about 450km on a tank but i guess that's the price you pay to drive the Ranger the meanest small truck on the road.
Fuel mileage sucks this time of year. Winter gas combined with the temp gets me about 400-450kms to a tank on average. During summer I always top 500kms before the fuel light.
I'll do 350-450 km's per fill up (about 60L) with the 5.0L in it.
About the same as with the 4.0 in it.
I get dirty gas mileage...and i run sunoco 94..360km with my 32's..95$ to fill up boys... 1.37 a liter
well a little update, blew through a 3/4 tank of gas all last night of straight driving, and i got 600, didnt push it at all(well much lol) so im thinking my mileage just went up because of a CAI or i got lucky, still havent changed my oil or plugs gonna do that tomorrow
I get dirty gas mileage...and i run sunoco 94..360km with my 32's..95$ to fill up boys... 1.37 a liter
Why the 94 octane? Tuned for it with a Programmer?
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