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Funny signs

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Post your funny but clean road signs here

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2nd last reminds me of a funny story
2nd last reminds me of a funny story
Meet story

Short version, Ford Expeditions are still low enough for an orange barrel to go over hood and roof....
That platform one is hilarious!
Polish sign about car thievery

and Smoke this one is for you

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hmmm that no tresspasing sign/will be shot again apparently isnt alowed to be put up in ontario.... rents been in a land dispute over a laneway put in and that sign was posted along with other no trespassing ones and the guy called the cops O.P.P made parents remove the sign or they would charge them lol funny tormenting the little forign chinamen tho shouldnt have put his laneways there
I was working in Boston several years ago and this one caught my eye:
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Very nice
It is hard to find funny signs

1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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