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Which do you like? (you can choose both)

fusion 'chopped'

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So we are looking @ getting the wife a new car.. but she 'didn't' like the front end of the fusion..

So did some 'photochopping' to it..
I color-matched the upper and lower grilles..
Safe to say she likes to looks.. so time for a test drive!

What do you all like?
Prefer the original?

Or the chopped grille??
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Having a Fusion myself the stock chrome grille is much nicer as the there is a good amount of chrome trim on and in the car.
Love the black look
Do I have to say more

I like the black look too, but Grafix makes a good point, it makes the headlights standout.
I don't mind the grille stock personally..
but blacked out I think looks good too..

Although being stock it makes the grilles stand out a bit too much because the cross hairs are so wide personally.. makes them look more excited then the headlights maybe.. ??
Not sure if my thoughts came out right..

Personally they could 'simmer down' a bit without affecting too much.. I think the flow of being blacked out would work very nice..

Now if there was some blacked out headlights.. :icon_lol:
any other colour I would like colour matched but Black and chrome is such a complimenting look. They go together like peanut butter and Jam.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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