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FX6 test drive

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FX6 Test drive

Here is my short review/first impression of Blackstock Ford FX6 upgrade.

It was Ford F150 King Ranch with Blackstock FX6 upgrade.
Truck is about 10” taller than my FX4
First thing when I looked at it was : how do I get in.
That was quickly resolve as soon as I open the door.

It has electric site step that goes down when you open the door and up when you close it (this will be a must on my next truck):t-up:
On the highway I have noticed small road noise coming from the tires (this is expected with 35” Mud Terrain Tires).:t-up:
Cab noise is reduced with SIDO Magnaflow exhaust (SISO Magnaflow on my FX4 creates more cub noise):t-up:

Drives very well, having big tires help going over bumpy side roads.:t-up:
Turning radius has increased a bit

There is one Negative about this truck
If you plan to use this truck as a daily driver, please do install backup sensors (do to rear view visibility), it is too easy when you back up to go over a small car like Focus
Overall all I would give FX6 package from Blackstock Ford 4.5 out of 5
With Back up sensors FX6 would be a perfect 5
Well done Blackstock

Here is the link with some Pictures

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