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Go Riders!!! oh, and hey all!

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Hi all. new to the site. Am a member of FTE as well, but thank god there is a Canadian site. Purchased a new to me 2004 f-150 Lariat screw a couple weeks ago and love it. I'm a 15 year service advisor (different products) and hope I can lend a hand when needed. I'll be very happy to put the Ford decal on my truck when it arrives 'cause I can honestly say that I have never been happier with a vehicle than I am with my F150.:icon_biggrin:
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Who are Riders? J/K

Welcome to
Hope you can post some pictures and maybe even enter your truck for Ride of the Month
And maybe help our members with some questions
Welcome :icon_biggrin:

Hello welcome to the site, great game on Sunday eh!!!
Can't wait until next Sunday to see them play again.
Scott (former Saskatchewan resident)
HI and :welcome: to
Hey Welcome!

I'm curious.. Do u own a stratus also? Or are u into clouds?
Welcome to!

Welcome to a fellow newbie. Sorry though the cup is coming home to the 'Peg where it belongs! This Sunday the Roughriders will get:signs092:
Whoo Hoo, Riders rule!!!
Sorry to all the Blue Bomber fans, maybe next year.
I think Ryan Dinwiddie did great for his first time out, there just seemed to be a few more lucky breaks on the Saskatchewan side.
The game kept me on the edge of my seat during the second half.
Welcome, and Lion's should have took it. =D
Welcome from Mission BC...Merry Christmas
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Welcome to
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