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Here is what I got :

Videos from photobucket : double click pictures to play video.

Lightning Steve Time Trial

lightning25 Time Trial

Other Lightning that was there for Test and Tune

Extenda Cab Lightning Clone....killer truck!

Videos up on YouTube:

Smokefan Time Trial

Smokefan vs lightning25 Grudge, I lost.

Smokefan vs Lightning Steve Grudge, I lost.

Smokefan vs 4knob(Mustang) grudge, I won.

...I had to post that on facebook, file too big for youtube or photobucket...

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Ah come on! That big camera and only 2 pictures, I could have swore you took a 100 at Timmie's even though you were late......

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almost doesn't i love the video..."noooooooooooooooo....f$%&!!!!!" lol
add me to facebook gents - sean brydges

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Some videos from GTAMC

Sept 16 10am - 2 videos - 9 mg and 15 mg (Please "SAVE AS").

First is my friend from Elora (Steve) - just dynoed his fox at 530rwhp last week.

Ran his 1st ever 11 sec pass earlier - here is his first ever 10.

And here is Anthony running his 11 sec pass ......


Sept 16 6pm - 1 video of the Trailer Queen running his best time to Date.

Sept 17 - 6am - 4 videos - starting at the beginning - test and tune. I just shot a few.

Anthony -

Snow Angel - first ever track pass in life -

That Shelby that "Hooked" -

Heinz -

More videos :

Sept 18 6am - The next 4 vids .....

That mid 10 sec. Burgundy 85ish

The White - old ranchero style race car

Wamback verses Subaru

Darkhorse verses green SN95

Sept 19 - 6am - The next 4 videos

Red 95 Car# 369 Vs Yellow Mach 1

Another red 95 car #370 Vs SnowAngel

Yellow vert with wing Car # 355 Vs Fox Coupe Car #302

Bob Evans Green Fox VS Black Vert Saleen Fox #378 - Stanger

Sept 19 6 pm - the next 4 vids

Anthony VS Wamback

Pats car lifting 1 wheel

Crazy Horse

Heinz VS Red car #370

Sept 20 6am - Last video before grudge matches

Shelby #351 VS Red Fox GT #356

Sept 20 4:30 PM

Let the grudges begin

PLEASE NOTE: The first 2 runs I was learning WHEN to start filming to capture the whole race - First one TOO SOON - I cut the end off (Sorry stanger) ... 2nd one .... well - too late, but you get to see the end.

After that, they are pretty much perfect. I watched the lights

Here are the first 4.

Stanger VS Red fox GT #356 - camera started early

Car 362 Fox Coupe VS Car 343 Bl Fox GT - camera started late

Heinz VS Paul Champagne - THIS IS A MUST WATCH VIDEO

Car 370 - 95 Red GT VS Subaru

The Lightning Grudge round 1 videos are in this batch :

Sept 22 - 8am - 8 videos added

Yellow Saleen Vert #382 VS Yellow ROush #385

Anthony VS Blue (new) GT which I think had the Allen blower

2 lightnings Sliver and Blue - BUT THE CAMERA DID NOT FOCUS - BLURRY

Bob EvAns VS Black Lightnng #363 (good luck with that Bob)

Lime Green Machine VS The FAIRMONT

68 Stang VS Black fox GT #345

Wamback in his V6 Mustang (Announcer says - funny)
VS The yellow sn 06 Vert #355

2 fox GT's #374 Blue VS a white one.

Sept 23rd - 6:30pm - 9 more videos

Lips VS Big D

Black 99+ #010 VS Donny Smith (Blue new style Vert)

Shelby VS Shelby - Dead even race .... lol

Snow Angel VS LX-Markham

Lou VS White Fox Black Hood

Fastime Rob Scarsbrook VS Orange 4-eyed (1 Bad51) #373

Darkhorse VS His Twin in Yellow #344

Old School - Solo Pass

Moovs - runs 131mph in his twin T Fox Sleeper - He can't hook though - Racing Car #253

(That's it for the first round - if your car is not there the video did not turn out - PS I did not shoot the bikes or sleds)

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I'll see what I can do(experiencing the same problem).

Here is Lightning Steve vs Smokefan from the stands.


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i must agree, matt you did an awesome job with pics!!!
i just wish i was in the "lightning" lane to have more full, next time.

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I agree, great pics matt. I really gotta work on the appearance of my truck, it looks so plain next to the rest :b
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