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Hamilton Meet November 17th noon (Go-Kart challenge)

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Go Kart racing than mid afternoon lunch.

I need some maybes or for sures before I can arrange the event, I will post details next week.

As always suggestions welcome!
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1) Smokefan - confirmed + 2
2) F150phule - confirmed
3) 08limited - confirmed
4) 98nascartruck - confirmed maybe + 1
5) motion3174 - confirmed + 1
I'm guessing this will be at the Hamilton Indoor & Outdoor Go-Karts!!!!
November 17 would fit my schedule till about 3pm
Nov 3rd and 10th I'm away
You boys and gals have fun on the 3rd

Workin that weekend
There have been some schedule changes where I work and so far I know what I'm working for the next 2 weeks. Once I know for sure what my sched is like for Nov I can say if I will be there or not, but I will do my best. Put me down for a maybe for now but hopefully I'll know more by the end of the week.
Switched to 17th of November
Switched to 17th of November

I will be there
Early morning start for me got to warm myself up

Far as I know either day was good for me......UNLESS there is a family thing and most likely not....BUT never know about my family!!! Plus I am trying to take a trip down to see my youngest brother in Kentucky again and probably doing that in the next few weeks!!!!
Here is official title change for:
Hamilton Meet November 17th noon (Go-Kart challenge)

If I can make I may have someone else me, I asked him last night and he wasn't sure....YET. He did say he wanted to be there and I guess wait and see!!!!!
I would like 10 people before I contact the go kart track.
Working that weekend also.
Smokefan +2 confirmed.
08Limited one for sure

I'll go if you all are OK with it.
I'll go if you all are OK with it.

I'm good.:t-up:
I'll go if you all are OK with it.

I have no problem with you being there!!!!!
1 - 20 of 109 Posts
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