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Having A Blast Gutting A '96

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I recently had a 1996 F-150 XL 4.9 Auto given to me. Buddy blew a head gasket and didn't want to sink any more money into the thing. All he wants are the tires. The body is shot.
I've only had it for a week but so far, on my '94, replaced the interior door trim on the drivers side, a clip behind the instrument cluster that the bezel screws in to, dash accents, 4 working heater vents, interior light door switches, left side tailgate support cable, thermostat housing and fan shroud. I'm adding map pockets on my doors, interior light w/ map lights and an under hood light,
There's still a boatload of parts left to pull off.
In the past year, the truck's had a new front gas tank, Power steering (pump, hoses and box), alternator bracket, water pump, thermostat housing (that I've already replaced) and rear shackles.
I'm learning alot about my truck just by tearing this junker apart.

Now I have to clean out the garage so I have a place to store all these parts.
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I agree that would be fun
Plus the knowlage you will gain
Takes some pictures of the left over frame when you are done

poor 96 :sad:


Your buddy wouldn't happen to have an '88 mustang he is fed up with?
Your buddy wouldn't happen to have an '88 mustang he is fed up with?
Sorry, No

Maybe some of the truck parts will fit.
keep any motor parts and sensors you can off that thing. 96 was first year of OBD2 in theses trucks and most parts are 1 year only. They are worth some $$$$$$$


Thanks for the tip Jim. I wasn't aware of that. No wonder I had to put my '94 Coolant Sensor into the '96 Thermostat Housing. The plugs were completely different. I guess I'll exercise a bit more caution tearing it apart.
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