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Headliner Water Damage ...

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I discovered I have a leak at the rear roof area or the upper corners of the rear window so the left and right corners of the headliner are badly stained . I'm taking the truck the dealer and they are going to try to find and repair the leak . My question is what to do about the headliner . A replacement from Ford is about 1100.00 not including taxes or installation . The dealer suggested I try and have the liner cleaned at a detail shop . Has anybody here ever had this done and could you recommend a shop . Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks ...
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I still have ESP warranty coverage but the headliner is not covered . The truck goes in to Erinwood next week so I will find out on Tuesday .
Well, its supposed to rain tomorrow so I used outdoor clear Mono and sealed around the 3rd brake light so I guess we'll both find out tomorrow ! lol
Well I got my truck back from Erinwood Ford and they said it was the third brake light that was leaking . So I had them replace it and hopefully that is the end of this problem for now .
I'm going to take the truck up to Fine Details and have them remove the water stains from the headliner .

Still not done with Erinwood though ... They forgot to order the parts to service the drive shaft so it goes back later in the week ...Go figure !!!
Thanks for the update. Luckily here it didn't rain today. But sounds like same issue. Appreciate the help.

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Well its rained twice in last 5 days and no more leaks !!! Clear silicone around the third brake light seems to have worked !!! This thread just saved me some serious $ and frustration :)
I'm glad to hear it all worked out . If you have satellite radio keep an eye on the passenger side roof pillar . That to is a problem area as I found out last week it leaked thru the roof antenna so I had them fix that leak at the same time . I just went out and checked the liner after todays rain and it is dry so I can go ahead and have the liner cleaned .
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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