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Hello from East Ontario

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Hey everyone, just a little hello to all. Nice to have a Canadian site to get info on. Looks like winter is about to settle in, time to fire up the stove in the garage and see what trouble I can get in to.:sign0011: :sign0011:
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HI and :welcome: to
Welcome to!

What do you drive?

Welcome. I hope we have a good winter this year.
Welcome to
OK where is Lyn Ontario
and Don't forget to enter your truck for Ride of the Month
Post up some pics of your Truck and of course plans for this winter (upgrades Mods???)

Regarding what truck 99-150 ecab 4x:rock: & 87 4runner, back up mud toy
Lyn is just a stone's throw from Brockville or west of Kingston and Southeast of Ottawa.
Welcome to

The wife and I were up yer way this past summer..
Camping.. It's beautiful up there!

We stayed between Brockville and Gananaqu-(way) (I know how to pronounce it.. lol) 1000 Islands.. :)
Welcome, nice to see so many new people joining!
Welcome to FordTough
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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