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hello from marquis

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just thought i would say hi to all and thanks for informing me of this site.... does anyone know how u get ur pictures to load in the garage thing?? I tried a few and none of them load up any help please??
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Welcome to the site (from a former sask resident).

Uploading the images should not be that hard. I just browsed to where the images were, selected the appropriate file and away she went.

What happens when you try?
Welcome to

Here is the thread on how to post pics in vBGarage:
Good luck
If you still have problems PM me

Welcome to!
HI and :welcome: to
:welcome: looking forward to some pics !!
hello again.... thank you all for ur help I figured out the problem.... my pictures were to big..haha well i got them up now and i just needa get some more pictures
Welcome from Mission BC,,,Merry Christmas
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1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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