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help please

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hey there, i've had a problem with my 88 mustang gt since i have bought it with low oil pressure. its good when i first start it up, but as soon as the engine warms up, it drops to pretty much just above the warning line. if i stomp on it and bring the RPM's up, the oil pressure picks up, but after a couple minutes at normal speeds it drops again. i brought it in and the mechanic told me the main bearing was shot and drive'er till she blows, that was 3 years ago (i only have it registered 3 months out of the year, drive it couple times a week) and nothing. just wondering if your guys' expertise, maybe you have other ideas?
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I don't think it's a good idea to drive it till it blows, your going to do more damage to
other parts. Put a good mechanical guage on it and see what your oil pressure actually is.
+1 sending units can go bad over time,does the engine knock when press low?
i\m with wolfman on this one a mechanical oil pressure guage will allow you an actuall reading

with the electronic ones theres pins on the rback of ur gauge in the dash that could be broken or shorting out or just dont wanna work no more
well i figured "drive it till it blows" would give me a good reason to buy a crate engine.. but i was thinking last night and well, thats just expensive. so i will try the suggestions out. thanks alot guys. there is no knocking in the engine at all, i was thinking either gauge or the oil pump?? but one thing it does do is when idling for a couple minutes is it will rev up and down, not a constant rpm. a couple times so low it stalled. any ideas on that one?
sounds like a sticking iac valve,just take it out and clean it with air intake cleaner.
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