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Hey from london

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Hey just like to say thanks and seem to be a good group of people hear i have a 1986 ford ranger 2wd long box. I have put a 302 fuelinjected motor in it with headers dual exhaust under driver pulleys cold air intake and lowered it 3" in the front and 2" in the back cant wait for summer again to drive her
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Hey, welcome to the forum and post up some pic's of your ride.
Welcome to
That lowered ranger has to look good, and being powered by V8 too:icon_biggrin:
Well done can't wait to see pics
Now we have 2 rangers with V8 in it. Have a look at 92_ranger's posts in Ranger forum


:welcome: to!!!
HI and :welcome: to
:welcome: Nice to see another local driver. You'll have to come out to the track with us this summer so we can see that V8 in action. Wait what am I saying, do I really wanna see my old v6 get spanked by a ranger?? Sure why not its already happened once :icon_lol:
Welcome to!
hear is a few pics of the truck before and in the progress of been ripped apart before it comes back out next spring with a few more goodies. Also i'll be hitting up the track for fun should make it a fordtough day i have a few buddies with rangers who are up for it as well
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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