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hey everyone! its been a while since i last signed on here, ive been doing lots of stuff and been busy with work and friends, going to and forth Brantford and london. I also have a new project going uderway my truck and im sure you guys would ABSOLUTLEY love to hear it. not to mention my truck is gonna get bigger in a while too. So where to start, first as you all know my ranger came with a 4.0 it was nice....when it rolled off the production line! its a hurtin unit now and its seen better days and performed better. Well my friend recently bought a 351w for a grand and got the motor tranny transfer case drive shaft computers and wiring harness!!! now theres a smoking deal! So since he got that he got rid of his 302 that was in there, so can you guess what i did?? i bought the 302 off him for $500 and got the motor tranny transfer case wiring harness computers and drive shaft! and its all running and working, it came out of his 94 bronco. So instead of me just dropping the motor in i stripped it all down to the block and dropped it off at the machine shop to get ith over bored .30 honed and acid dipped and also dropped off the crankshaft to get miched and if its fine to be polished and if not he would turn it. So im pretty much rebuilding this motor from the crank up. the only things i will be re-using is the heads, upper and lower intakes, valves, timing chain, crankshaft, distributor, oil pump, injectors, fuel rail, push rods, throttle body and all the pulleys with the accessories. ill be getting new roller rockers cuz the ones that were in the motor are stamped rockers, new roller lifters, all new gaskets, crankshaft and connecting rod bearings, new pistons, new connecting rods, new camshaft, new plug wires, piston rings and long tube headers. So i have that on the go now, and as for the future mods, once these tires are done for im going up to 38's, gona throw an explorer 8.8 axle in the rear for a few reasons, one it has 32 spline axle shafts which are a lot stronger than my 28 spline, two explorer axles come with disc brakes in the rear, three its almost a complete bolt in, only modification i have to do is to re-weld the spring perches because they would be a bit wider on an explorer. chrome moly shafts, dana 44 solid axle swap in the front with chrome moly shafts. a selectable locker in the front as well. then re-build my sub boxes so theyre not firing at one another, and last but not least get it professionally painted =D. If you guys have any questions feel free ask!!! I also started a thread on my 302 build at ranger-forums so ill get the link and post it up for you guys cuz theres LOTS of pictures and your only allowed to post up ten at a time here lol

heres the link
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Go big or go home I get it
Well done, now pics are must
So is the motor running yet?
Will the motor fit inside the engine compartment with out any major mods.

:ttiwwop: (you are allowed up to 20 now)
J/K its nice to see that you where busy
BTW---------------linki no worki---------------
Get your Bronco buddy on this forum

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linki fixi
Very nice all those parts look like new after a good cleanup
Well done
nice video
You have to post a link to it on our 4x4 thread, and show what plain ranger can do
well done
can't wait for finish product

now which video? the on in sig on the ranger-forums site? cuz i have some vids of it wheelin in some mud holes and climbing one steep ass hill!!
The one in Sig
I have not seen other ones

Great news
Keep us posted
Good luck with a new Job

1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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