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If you own a truck, chances are you have a toolbox in the bed to keep your equipment secure and dry. Add some quality to the bed of your truck with the nicest and most durable toolbox on the planet from Highway Products! These toolboxes are constructed from the thickest grade of aluminum utilized in the industry - 1/8" marine grade weather-resistant diamond plate aluminum. Such an accessory offers secure, organized access to your expensive power tools and gear.

It allows you to keep the cab of your pickup truck clear for passengers, which also makes your vehicle safer in case of an accident. Besides toolboxes, Highway Products also offers a wide range of truck slides, bed covers, truck bed rails, RV tow bodies, aluminum flatbeds, service bodies, surveyor packs, lumber racks, and much more.

Turn your Ford into a capable work truck with Highway Products!

Highway Products® - Gullwing Tool Box

Highway Products® - 5th Wheel Tool Box

Highway Products® - XT-2000 Truckslide

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