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We continue our series of 101 DIY videos on all things car-related to help you to perform some basic, preventative maintenance on your daily driver or weekend warrior, regardless of what vehicle you're working on.

Today, our technical expert Greg returns to the shop with the fresh, step-by-step DIY guide on How To Bleed Your Brakes. In this video, he'll show you two main ways on how to perform it: you can either opt for doing it solo, using the modern vacuum bleeder tool, or do it in an old-fashioned, traditional way that requires assistance from your buddy.

Whatever method you'll decide to go with, keep in mind that they're both equally effective. Get your worn-out calipers and brake lines replaced, bleed your brakes out, ensure that you have zero air in the system, and your pedal feels nice and firm. Congratulations, you've done everything correctly, now your ride is ready for new adventures!

Brake Bleeding Tools | Vacuum Bleeders, Adapters & Test Kits —

Make sure to visit our YouTube channel for more product reviews, DIY projects, and useful tips and tricks on how to keep your vehicle on the road for as long as possible!​
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