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Hey guys!

fx4matt sent me an invite! I started over at after I bought my truck.

I work as a heavy duty truck technician / fabricator for a local heavy haul company. We've been moving alot of windtowers lately. It makes your job kind of fun when there's a section of a windtower 200 feet long sticking out the door of the shop while you tweak the lights before a trip.

I've also been a rotary engine enthusiast for a long time, and I've been in need of a solid truck to haul my car around and move engine parts for me. I ruined fabric in my old car trying to move engines and parts around place to place. I've got an old RX7 that's been modified, but right now it's in storage since the motor popped. I've got a peripheral port motor in the works now so I don't plan on getting that thing running for a while, yet. I've got all new exhaust and intake to fab to go with the peripheral port housings. Should be a fun toy when it's done, anyways.

Here's a quick pic of my truck, I'll take some more later. This weather got it dirty pretty quickly, so next time I clean it up I'll take some more.

2006 XLT F150 4x4
"Stone" exterior, Tan and Brown interior
5.4 V8, 18" wheels, pretty much stock.

How do you upload images here, guys?

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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