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I was doing some work under the hood today and went to look at pcv valve. There apear to be two connections for hoses and only the bottom nipple has a hose connected to it. No loose hoses/lines that I can find.
Can someone tell me what hose should be connected to the top nipple and what should that line connect to.
I am getting oil in the throttle body and heard that a non-functioning pcv valve can cause this. But had bad oil leak from push rod cover gasket about a month ago and wondering if maybe it is just remnants from that. I cleaned the Idle air valve today but didn't have time to pull TB....will clean that in the next couple of days but would really like to know the source of the oil.
Since I'm at it...can someone tell me the purpose of the other hose from the air filter box to front of valve cover.
Thanks for any help
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