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Hello, everyone! The CARiD team is back to the shop to provide you with a new video review. Today we'd like to talk about the headlights and how you can easily upgrade them without hassle. This subject is especially relevant in anticipation of getting the weather worse day by day. We are introducing the new product from Lumen - G10 LED Headlight Conversion Kit, that provides better nighttime visibility and long-lasting durability.

These bulbs will fit into the same socket and connect to the same wiring connector as your original bulbs with no modifications required. Thoroughly tested for durability, shock resistance, and dependable operation in any kind of weather, this conversion kit is one of those upgrades you and your passengers will be thankful for. Watch our full overview of this product and find out more about it.

Lumen® - G10 LED Headlight Conversion Kit


Light Intensity: 4000lm, per two bulbs
Color Temperature: 6500K
Power: 16 Watts
LEDs: Lattice Power
Beam angle: 360 degrees


Exceptionally bright light
Longer Lifespan
Cooler Operation
Easy Plug and Play Installation
Outstanding Quality
Backed by a 5-year warranty.

Save your money, time and effort with a new G10 LED Headlight Conversion Kit by Lumen!​

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This is not just a backlight, but with different modes and colors of illumination (from light green to white). Unlike its analogues, it has a high density of LEDs. The light is soft and pleasant. Consumes a minimum of energy. Remote control. The base of the tape is self-adhesive, does not require special skills and knowledge in installation. I can advise you to go to and order everything you need. So for example, I found flag pole light and it's very cool! I hope I was able to help you!
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