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Injectors ?

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Does anyone know where I can find the stock injector ratings ( lbs/hr ) for 2003 5.4 l was told they were 19 lbs/hr can anyone confirm firm this.:scrch:
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they should be 19lb's. If the top of the injectors are orange in colour they are for sure the 19's



:THX they are 19 lbs/hr injectors .fuel pump and injectors are only good up to 300-310 flywheel hp ( :sad: not enough ) so picked up aeromotive part # 14114 fuel rail system and boost compensated fuel pressure regulator kit supports up to 1000 hp n/a ,30 lbs/hr injectors and 190 lit/hr fuel pump.( :slzy: planning ahead )will post pics when install completed.
you're also gonna need a mass air meter for those injectors and a chip burnt for it


I already have the larger mass air and looking @ sct pro racer pkg from dealer in town. I tried to get gms fuego but truck year not supported. so I contacted sct directly about a chip and was rec. a pro racer pkg because of the adjustability I wanted and a local dealer with dynotune capability.:t-up: :))
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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